Some NEWS on Sheltie Rescue – The BIG PICTURE

You all know us as “LISSR”. What you may not know is that there is a national organization that brings all of the sister rescues together to help pups in need.

So many shelties need help in many states across the country. By coming together under one umbrella, using the same protocols and high standards, we are able to assist in helping pups regardless of where they are.

LISSR is a proud and honored to be a member of the National Sheltie Rescue Association (NSRA) and we encourage you to follow the NSRA to check out what makes Sheltie Rescue the very BEST on a national level.

You can check out our national page at and you can follow on Facebook as well.

BIG PICTURE – Sheltie Rescue ROCKS! As one team we are doing fantastic work nationwide!

Please check it out and support Sheltie rescue on a national level. Together we are making dreams come true for the pups in need far and wide.