Buddy B. Herder

Hello, My name is Buddy B. Herder…. (everyone just calls me Buddy).

​Thanks to the LISSR, I found my forever home last January and I have been smiling ever since- despite the fact that I had to have a lot of my teeth removed when they rescued me. I was in pretty bad shape. I even had to be shaved. I didn’t really look like a Sheltie and everyone thought I was a puppy, but I am an adult and I am now 6 years old.

My coat came back and everyone I meet says that I am handsome. I tend to agree. I like checking out my reflection in glass and mirrors. I insist on being well groomed. I think it is important to always look my best whether I am lounging around on my favorite bed or couch or sporting one of my favorite bow ties while entertaining friends at home.

My hobbies include squirrel chasing, herding anything that moves, , barking…. at the neighbors, at my neighborhood posse of pups, all electrical appliances and thunder & lightening. I really hate thunder and lightening. Many dogs are scared by it. Not me…it ticks me off ! Especially when it wakes me out of a sound sleep.

I am very fond of going on long walks around the hood. I like to check out the area around my home to make sure everything is in order. I am very protective of my property and the family I have living with me. After all, I personally selected them as my family, so it is important to me that they feel safe and loved.I never used to like cars , but now I do and am very well traveled. Last month I went to go visit my Foster family for a week. That was really cool. I love them. It was like being at a Sheltie Club Med. I got to play all week with my Sheltie Gang pals. I love that gang and the family that lives with them….really nice humans.

​I love my life ! Thank you LISSR !!