LISSR participates in Betty White Challenge

To honor Betty White, Long Island Shetland Sheepdog Rescue has named the male and female pair that has just come into rescue Betty and Allen (in honor of her late husband).

These two babies came into rescue after their owner passed away. They were living with other un-neutered and un-spayed shelties in less than ideal conditions. The family reached out to rescue to give them better lives.

Betty and Allen will need all vaccines, be neutered/spayed, dentals, bloodwork and anything else that arises after being evaluated. Allen is much younger but has completely shut down and appears to have not been socialized. He bears the scars of likely scuttles with his rivals.  He will need to be in the right foster home for a while with an experienced sheltie trainer.  He needs to feel safe.

Betty is more confident with the bubbly personality of her namesake.  Both are at least ten pounds overweight and will need healthy food.

These are not our only shelties in rescue.  We currently have Tabitha, who is being evaluated for Cushing’s disease and has a cancerous growth on her neck that must be removed.  Tabitha also needs a dental and has to be spayed.  There is also our 13 year old Sparky with his own health concerns.

In honor of Betty White, please consider donating so that we can continue to help these shelties to a better life than they have had.  It takes a village!

Donations can be made through paypal or by mail at LISSR, 9 Ramondo Lane  Smithtown, NY  11787