Hello from Chelsea

My name is Chelsea and I am sitting here enjoying my nice warm house as a blizzard rages outside, so I thought I would put some thoughts down to my fellow shelties.

I am one of the dogs whose story really begins the day I was picked up from the Huntington Town Shelter by Barbara and Karen from LISSR. I had been found walking the streets and had to stay at the shelter for days!!!!!! No one knows why I wasn’t with my family. The people who came to rescue me seemed nice but I was scared!

Then I was put into a car and taken to the vet. I did not like any of this, but still felt kindness surrounding me. I finally went to a foster home. My foster mom Karen, was very kind to me but eventually I was put back in the car and taken somewhere else.

I went in to a house where there were 5 people and a cat….what was happening now? What was this all about????Before I knew what was happening, the 2 kind ladies who took me from the shelter, made sure I was healthy, and one even let me stay in her house went away and I was left with these strangers. I did not know they wanted to adopt me…I didn’t even know what being adopted meant. But these people signed some papers and just like that I had my forever family.

It is many years later now as I think back to that day.

​Many things have happened since I live here. We have moved and I had quite an adventure when our door flew open before my new house was fenced in for me. It was snowy like today and so I got a bit disoriented and my parents had to call sheltie rescue to help find me…which they did and brought me home again. My mom always asks what happened, where were you, but those adventures are in my secret memory bank along with my first year and a half of my life.

But onto other things…. I got to meet so many other relatives and friends and other shelties. Everyone I meet tells me how beautiful I am and that I am one of the best dogs they have ever met. I get to go visit other shelties sometimes Kendra, Winston, Wendy, Trixie and Amanda . Sometimes I even have a sleepover. Amanda looks so much like me that we could be sisters. We share many experiences too. We both had very similar adventures but we don’t share those with anyone else.

My human family has grown too. We have had two weddings and even a wonderful new baby. At first I wasn’t allowed to do anything but lick the baby’s feet, but now she pets me and grabs my fur but that is okay with me because I know she just loves the feel of my wonderful coat, especially if I have just been groomed.

​Sometimes other shelties come to stay for a while and once I get used to them I stop being jealous and love to have them as company. I especially love to play with the puppies who wait here until their forever families come to get them. I am hoping my mom will take me to see one of them soon. He stayed with us for seven weeks but then he was adopted so now he has a forever family, but I have been invited to visit.

Well I love the snow..so I think I will go ring my bells that hang on my doorway to the backyard so someone will let me out to go romp in the blizzard snow. I can go out and know a nice warm towel will be waiting for me when I get tired of rolling in it. Then I’ll join the cat by the fireplace.

​Good-by for now. Maybe some of you will tell me something about yourself someday.