My name is Melody and it has taken me a while to submit my story as I am very very shy. I am 4 ½ yrs old and until I was nearly 4, I lived on a breeding farm way upstate NY. The night I was rescued I was outside in a pen and was caked with snow. My Foster Mom, Karen, was one of my rescuers. That night she got me dried off and kept me warm. Then we took a long drive to a vets office for a few days and then to Karen‘s house. I was very scared, but she made me feel safe. During my time with Karen, I started to open up a little and liked playing with the other dogs- Shelties of course.

Then, a few months later my Forever Parents came to meet me and my journey continued. Again, I was very scared and on the drive to my new home I snuggled really hard in my new Mom’s lap. I was scared and shaking, but even though I couldn’t relax I knew I was OK. Upon arriving at my new home I was introduced to Buddy B. Herder. At first I didn’t pay much attention to him as I was still scared, but he’s a rescued Sheltie too and he understood. Mostly I stayed under the kitchen table, but then I realized I had my own bed and toys and realized that this was a good place. Buddy made me feel right at home and reassured me when I got scared or anxious.

​Buddy and I get along really well. I guess you could say he is my BFF. Sometimes I have to put him in his place if he gets fresh with me, but I really love him. He treats me very well and considers me „his girl“ ! He makes me feel safe when I am scared. He is always telling me how special I am and that we are a couple of lucky Shelties thanks to the LISSR and our Forever Family.

Since being rescued I have found that one of my favorite things to do is play ball. I love to chase and retrieve my tennis ball. Sometimes Buddy plays too. He says he lets me win, but I know I am faster than he is and better at playing ball ! I also have overcome my fear of stairs and beat Buddy up the stairs even when I give him a head start…again, he says he lets me win ! Sure Buddy, whatever you say…NOT !

​I love my new home and my Forever Family. I still get spooked and don’t really like to socialize when people come to visit, but I am hoping that someday I will be more open and trusting. I am trying. My parents take me for walks with Buddy and as long as he is ahead of me where I can see him , I am not scared. I am getting better in the car too…as long as Buddy is with me. One day my parents took Buddy out of the house and left me behind. I didn’t like that….I was scared. Like the time Buddy went to get groomed and he didn’t come back for a few hours….my parents said I was a different dog without him. I think I was too. I hid under the table and wouldn’t come out. Once Buddy came home I was back to my old self and happy again. Oh boy, did I get excited when he came home !

​My parents say I am very silly when I am happy. I jump aound wagging my tail and barking. I can’t help it…. I love my new life and all the love I get. Buddy is kind of a Momma’s Boy and I am Daddy’s little girl. I love to curl up with Dad and watch TV. Dad has nicknamed me BABY CAKES. I like that ! Both Mom and Dad make time for each of us and that is really cool. All I ever wanted was to be loved and now I have found it. Thank you to all my friends at the LISSR for making that possible. Look for me on FB…Buddy is going to help me start my own page. He thinks that might help my shyness.Love & Happy Tails, Melody