Chance is a one year old high Sheltie mix (Maybe, English Shepherd) who is a true rescue and deserves a “Second Chance”.

He has had a rough beginning, having lived in more than one home and with lots of little children. A scar on his nose indicates that he might have had a rubber band or some other restraint applied.

In spite of all he may have been through, he is a happy boy. He celebrated his first birthday in rescue with LISSR in Spring 2022. Everyone who has had contact with him, our LISSR transport family, the staff at the veterinary hospital where we had him neutered and his current foster mom all see the sweet, affectionate and playful dog that he is.

Chance seems like an energetic 1 year old “teenager” who needs help learning to be a great companion dog.  He thinks that “come” means the beginning of a game of tag. He is food-oriented and is willing to please which is a good foundation for training. He already knows “sit” and “paw”.

This HI ENERGY pup loves to be with people and likes to be in the same room with you, often complaining if he is not allowed to be.  He is good with toys and food around other dogs and people. Chance is about 90% housebroken and is crate trained. When on a leash walk he is very excitable and if he cannot say “hi” to another dog, he can be very hard to redirect.

When he wags his tail, he literally wags his whole rear end.

We would recommend an adult only home with no small children. Other dogs would not be a problem. Of course, a fenced in yard will be a requirement.